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IDroo for Skype

Kullerkupu 10-1, Iteral Group OÜ, Tartu, 50412, Tartu County, Estonia
10 November 2012
22 April 2014
IDroo for Skype
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IDroo for SkypeIDroo for Skype - online educational multiuser whiteboard. IDroo is free for home and personal use.


- Collaborative meetings with many participants (10 or even more)
- Insert simple and complex mathematical equations
- Draw and write your ideas
- Express your mind through images
- Take advantage of high quality calls over Skype
- All drawings are easily editable vector graphics
- Works with Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intuos and other digital tablets


Getting started:

  1. Launch IDroo. If you don't have IDroo, get it from here. Otherwise, start it up from the Desktop or Start menu. Also make sure you have Skype running.
  2. Allow access to the Skype API. On first use, you will be asked to allow IDroo to access the Sype API. You should see a notification in Skype. Click on "Allow access". If you don't see the notification then you might have allowed access already.
  3. That's it! Now you can invite others to collaborate or start drawing on your own. Click on the Add button on the bottom of the participants list. A window will pop up, where you can invite new participants.

The above steps are described for each new participant.

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